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In an ideal world, every real estate transaction would go completely fine, and you would never need to worry about anything once you had closed the deal. However, even when you have done everything right, there is always the chance that you will be pulled into court over a real estate transaction. When that happens, you need to ensure that you have experienced and skilled real estate litigation lawyers representing you.

The New York real estate litigation lawyers at Gutman Weiss, P.C. are ready to represent you in any dispute arising from a real estate transaction. Some of the issues we handle include:

  • Contract disputes
  • False advertising claims
  • Failure to disclose property defects
  • Misrepresentation issues
  • Financing disputes
  • Easement and covenant problems
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

Our lawyers will work with you to create a litigation strategy that protects your personal interests and rights. We understand that when you buy or sell a property, that can have substantial repercussions on your personal life and your financial fortunes. With our personalized approach, we will ensure you have the best possible chance for an optimal outcome to your case.

If you are involved in a real estate lawsuit, or are interested in pursuing a case against someone else, please contact our New York real estate lawyers for a consultation.

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